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Sweden Visa Requirements

Tourist VisRequirement:

v  Original coverinLettefrom employe(statingiveleavperiod)

v  Ainvitation on Forfrom thperson you wilbe visitinin Sweden(copies)

v  recenpassport size photograph(fulfaclooking directlathcamera, colour,lighbackgroundbeaheaded unless speciareligioureasons.

v  Personal BanStatement of thlast 6 months + AccounMaintain Certificate.

v  Recommendation Lettefrom the ChambeoCommerce

v  Travel Insurance (Wilbrequired aftevisis granted)

v  ConfirmereturAiTicket/Booking

v  Passpor(should bevalifor 6 months or more)and previoupassports

v  Copy of CNIC

v  Personal Appearancsubmission and collection timwitoriginal I.D card.

v  Sponsor's Taxation Certificat(Slutgiitigt Skattbesked) or ResidencPermit Copy.

v  Sponsor’s extracothe populatioregiste(Personbevis)


v  Original coverinLettefrom the employe(certifyinthat you will bvisiting the Swedishcompany on behalof youcompany/employer)

v  Invitatiolettefrom the SwedisCompan(in Swedish or English) mentioninclearlthe purpose and duration of thintended visit

v  Copy of the Swediscompanycertificate of incorporatio(PRV- Bolagsregistret)

v  recenpassport size photograph(fulfaclooking directlathcameracolour,lighbackgroundbeaheaded unless speciareligioureasons.

v  Personal BanStatement of thlast 6 months & CompanyBanStatemenfor thlast 1 yearCompany/You bearing expenseshoulhavminimum 370 SEK/day +AccounMaintain Certificate.

v  Original Companycertificate of registration and Original letteof Recommendation frotheChamber of Commerce

v  Travel Insuranc(Wilbrequired aftevisis granted)

v  ConfirmereturAiTicket/Booking

v  Passpor(should bvalifor 6 months or more) and previoupassports.Copy of first 2 pagesanovalid visas.

v  Personal Appearancsubmission and collection timwitoriginal I.D card.

v  Copy of CNIC